Recent Browser Updates Interrupt Printing - Solution

Firefox and Chrome have released recent updates which may have thrown off your ScanPower printing settings.  It is suggested that you check to see if your browser is set to auto-update.  If it is, you might consider changing that setting.  In Firefox this can be done via PREFERENCES > ADVANCED > UPDATE.

To get printing again, please un-install all versions of the printer driver for your DYMO on your computer (making sure to double/triple check for old, duplicate drivers further down the list).  Next, restart your computer.  Then, re-install the driver using the appropriate link provided below.  Next, restart your computer.  Restart your browser, log back into ScanPower and go to SETTINGS > LIST.  You should see the printer detected at this point.   

If printing is still not working in either Firefox or Chrome following these instructions (and after trying both browser options - Firefox and Chrome), please enter the following link into your browser: https://localhost:41951/DYMO/DLS/Printing/Check

If you get a message that the DLS Web Service is up and running, then reload ScanPower and see if the printer is recognized in Settings->List.

If not, just shoot us a note and we will screen share with you to debug ... if at anytime during this process you get a notice of "an insecure connection" please trust that the connection is fine, click ADVANCED and then PROCEED or ADD EXCEPTION to continue on in the process.

Recommended Printer Set-up: DYMO Direct Printing

DYMO Direct Printing, in conjunction with the Firefox or Chrome browser, is the recommended printer set-up for ScanPower.  This printer set-up is specific to ScanPower and different from the basic DYMO set-up.  Below is a video tutorial which will walk you through the set-up process.

Recommended Equipment:

DYMO 450 LabelWriter Printer

30252, 30334, 30336 or 30321 Labels

Recommended Software:

Please make sure you have the latest driver for your Dymo (or other) printer.  Please use the links below rather than the set-up disc which came with your printer.  Some times updates are released after the production of printers and the disc is no longer up to date.  Also, please ensure that you do not have more than one printer driver for your printer installed as this will result in ScanPower not detecting your printer.

UPDATE 03/18/16:  DYMO Direct Printing is now available with Firefox and Chrome.  Simply follow the instructions in the video below and disregard the comment regarding it not being compatible with Chrome.


DYMO Software Mac, version 8.6

DMYO Software Windows, version 8.6 

DYMO Direct Printer Set-up Video Tutorial: