This article applies to the following errors and issues: 

  • ERROR: Please review your selling price and maximum price and ensure that your maximum price is greater than or equal to your selling price.
  • Setting minimum and maximum price limits

NOTE: This must be done in Seller Central, not within the ScanPower application. 

You can now set your minimum and maximum prices for up to 50 SKUs in the Automate Pricing tool in Seller Central (not in ScanPower). You can set your price limits based on your current price or convert the minimum and maximum price limits that you have already set in other countries.

To set minimum and maximum price limits:

  1. In Seller Central, under Pricing, click Automate Pricing.
  2. Under Action column, click Edit SKUs. Or, if you want to create your own customized rule, click Create a customized Pricing rule.
  3. Select the SKUs on you want to set pricing limits. Automate Pricing shows active SKUs in your catalog. You can search for SKUs by product name, ASIN, SKU, or by product identifiers, such as UPC, EAN, or JAN. You can also filter products based on price, delivery channel, and date.
  4. After you find the SKUs that you want to reprice using your rule, select the boxes next to the SKUs, for up to 50 SKUs.
  5. Click Bulk Action and select Set Minimum and Maximum Price Limits.
  6. Click Change to edit how you want to set your minimum and maximum price (optional) limits.
  7. Click Save to keep your settings after you make any changes.
  8. Choose whether to keep existing rule assignments, or assign to a different rule. You can set minimum and maximum prices on SKUs even if they are not assigned to a rule.
  9. Click Start Repricing and Automate Pricing will set your minimum and maximum price (optional) limits and reprice your offers based on your rule settings and price limits.

For more information, review Minimum and Maximum Price Validation in Seller Central.