Zebra ZPL Direct Printing, in conjunction with the Chrome browser, is useful for high volume shipment prep in warehouses and prep centers. This set-up is specific to ScanPower.

Recommended Equipment:

NOTE: All printers below support ZPL (Zebra Programming Language)

Zebra ZP 450, GK 420d, GX 420d

Label sizes: Recommended 2.25" x 1.25" (57mm x 32mm), 30334, 30336, 30252, 30321

Recommended Software:

Please make sure you have the correct driver for your Zebra printer. Use the links below rather than the setup disk included with your printer.  Sometimes updates are released after the production of printers and the disc is no longer up to date. 

Also, please make sure that you do not have more than one printer driver for your printer installed as this will result in ScanPower not detecting your printer.  


  1. Install QZTray 2.0 or above: https://qz.io/download/
    Zebra Direct Printing is available with Chrome. It may also work on Firefox, but it is not recommended.
  2. Calibrate your printer: https://supportcommunity.zebra.com/s/article/ZP-Series--Calibrating-the-Printer?language=en_US

Mac Setup

Zebra suggests the use of the Common Unix Printing System (CUPS) driver for use on Mac OS X operating systems. The CUPS driver is pre-installed on Mac OS X operating systems. Therefore, it is not necessary to download and install a driver for Zebra printers on Mac OS X.

You can find the instructions on how to do that here: https://qz.io/wiki/setting-up-a-raw-printer-in-osx 

  • For Step 3 (Load Safari to the CUPS web interface," you will need this link: http://localhost:631/help/network.html
  • For Step 6 of the "Setting up a Raw Printer in OSX" (above), which comes right after selecting "AppSocket/HP JetDirect" and Continue, you will need this link: http://localhost:631/help/network.html
  • IT IS CRITICAL THAT THE DESCRIPTION OF THE PRINTER NOT BE BLANK. Give the printer a description like "Zebra 450" or whatever is applicable. 

Be sure to select "Make: Raw" and "Model: Raw"

Windows Setup

In general, the default Zebra driver will work but if you are unable to find a suitable driver the Seagull driver is a good option:


Restart your computer after the driver is installed. You may need to calibrate the printer a 2nd time:


Alternative Windows Setup

If for some reason the instruction above do not work, you can try a different driver:


Or follow the QZ Tray instructions for setting up a raw printer:


Restart your computer after it's set up for raw printing

Save Printer in Settings

To use the direct printing feature in PREP & SHIP, you need to save the printer in your settings.

Log in to ScanPower navigate to Settings > PREP & SHIP, then select PRINTING on the left side menu.

Scroll down to "Item Labels" and make sure the printer and correct label size are selected:

Then click "SAVE" in the bottom, center of screen.

Troubleshooting Zebra Printing

This portion of the article addresses solutions to some common printing issues and problems. If you don't find an answer for your specific question(s) or the proposed solutions don't help you, please OPEN A TICKET with support.

Problem: Labels Printing Incorrectly (offset)

Labels are printing, but:

  • not fitting properly
  • not properly aligned vertically or horizontally 
  • printing in the corner
  • running off the label / cut off / being cut off

To fix this issue: (ONLY for Label size 30334)

  1. Click on the appropriate Link: 
    1. CLICK HERE if you are not using Beta
    2. CLICK HERE if you are using Beta
    3. CLICK HERE if you are in the UK, but not using Beta
    4. CLICK HERE if you are using Beta in the UK
  2. This will send a correction to your printer and should print a test label.
  3. Try printing an FNSKU label from within ScanPower. The label should now print properly.