DYMO Direct Printing, in conjunction with the Firefox or Chrome browser, is the recommended printer set-up for ScanPower. This printer set-up is specific to ScanPower and different from the basic DYMO set-up.  Below is a video tutorial which will walk you through the set-up process.

If printing is not working in either Firefox or Chrome after going through the instructions below in the NOTE: section below please contact us.

Recommended Equipment:

DYMO 450 LabelWriter Printer

30252, 30334, 30336 or 30321 Labels

Recommended Software:

Please make sure you have the correct driver for your DYMO printer.  Use the links below or the setup disc included with your printer.  Sometimes updates are released after the production of printers and the disc is no longer up to date.  The first link is to the general download page. Also, please ensure that you do not have more than one printer driver for your printer installed as this will result in ScanPower not detecting your printer.  From the main screen you can search for "DYMO Connect" on Windows or "DYMO Label" on Mac to verify the correct version is installed:

DYMO Direct Printing is available with Firefox and Chrome.

DYMO Printer Guides

DYMO Software Mac, version 8.7.5 (updated 01/27/2021)
DMYO Connect for Desktop Windows, version 1.3.2 (updated 01/27/2021)

 BoxT FNSKU label printer setup:

To print FNSKU labels in BoxT install the same software as ScanPower List. The printer should be selectable from the Printer Settings:


If printing is still not working in either Firefox or Chrome following these instructions (and after trying both browser options - Firefox and Chrome), please enter or click the following link into your browser:

On Macs

On PCs https://localhost:41951/DYMO/DLS/Printing/Check

If you get a message that the DLS Web Service is up and running, then reload the page with ScanPower/Boxt to see if the printer is recognized in Settings->List or Settings->Printing

If you get a message that the connection is refused this likely means the DYMO printing web service is not running. 

In Windows:

Verify that you have DYMO Connect installed. This is the default printer software from DYMO.

If still not working, click the Windows Icon then select Run and enter the path below:

C:\Program Files (x86)\DYMO\DYMO Label Software\DYMO.DLS.Printing.Host.exe

Alternatively, you can search for "Command" and load the Command program and paste the above into the prompt.

This should allow the link above to successfully connect and you will see the DYMO service icon in your system tray.

If at anytime during this process you get a notice of "an insecure connection" please trust that the connection is fine, click ADVANCED and then PROCEED or ADD EXCEPTION to continue on in the process.

If you get an error dialog saying: "Your process does not have access rights to this namespace..", you'll need to allow Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) access to the localhost via HTTP.   Click on the Windows icon in the lower left (formerly Start) and type Command in the search bar. Right-click the Command results above and select "Run as Administrator". Next paste the following command into the prompt and press enter: netsh http add iplisten ipaddress=