Click the 4 dots in the lower left, then Settings.

  1. Verify "Check Restricted" is selected. If you only sell New condition products you can streamline the view by checking "Only Show Restricted if New".
  2. Verify your Seller Central email (SC Username) and password (SC Password) are entered into Settings. The email and password are not sent to ScanPower and are only saved on the device making it secure and private.
  3. Click the red Login button. You may be prompted the first time for a 2 step verification (OTP) that will be sent to your device.
  4. When logged in you will see the message "Logged in to Seller Central". If for some reason, the login fails you can click the link "Log in manually" to see if there is additional information needed.
  5. Click <-- back to save the setting.

Now scan an item to verify the restricted check is working: