Maybe you're a wholesale seller, 3PL / prep center, or agency looking for the best Prep & Ship solution?

Maybe you need an easier way to track COGS at the same time you order and ship to Amazon FBA?

Or you want to use our Mobile app to scale your sourcing retail and online?

Below is the content you need to make a FAST START:

Efficient FBA Inbound Prep & Ship

  1. Settings and Configuration for ScanPower (Part 1):

  2. Settings and Configuration for ScanPower (Part 2):

  3. Select Prep & Ship. Create a New Shipment Batch:

  4. Adding items to a shipment batch

  5. Prep and label: Print item and expiration date labels
  6. Creating a Shipment Plan in PREP & SHIP

  7. Providing Box Contents in PREP & SHIP

  8. Send Carton and Pallet Contents in PREP & SHIP and Purchasing shipping

Prep & Ship for 3PLs and Prep Centers

  1. Using ScanPower as a 3PL or Prep Center

COGS, Sales & Profit, and Inventory Value


  1. Settings and Configuration for Mobile and Mobile web

  2. Accept / Reject configuration and rules

  3. IP Claim feature:
    How to enable the IP Claims feature with 100s of Brands who send cease and desist letters

  4. How to automatically check if you are restricted for a brand or product

  5. Walmart Marketplace support