Pricing for new prep centers and 3PL goes into effect March 10 2023. We received a few questions and concerns and want to clarify the terms and condition to avoid confusion.

Price changes offset increased costs and fund future development of new features such as Bundle Management, Prep Matrix, Software Integrations, and much more. We have listened to customer feedback and accumulated many of your suggestions. We want to implement and engage with you on more of them to make your experience and the software better.

We additionally want to expand our support team, provide better service, and address technical issues better long term.

Q & A

  1. How do you calculate billing and what does an active client mean?

    1. Billing for the 3PL Enterprise account is $199/month with one seller account attached. Each additional active client is $10. An active client is defined as a client that generated either shipping labels, box labels, or product labels that month. Dormant accounts are not charged. Lastly, custom quotes are available for 3PLs with over 50 active clients so please make sure to reach out to us to discuss how we can help you continue to grow.

Some 3PLs tailor their service to lower volume customers – which we understand. We wanted to keep the charge nominal per account to allow for the 3PL to choose between absorbing that cost or passing it along to their clients.

  1. What does “retroactive billing” mean?

    1. The increase will not go into effect until the month of May. Your ScanPower “per client billing” is retroactive, meaning the first time you will see the effects of the increase are on your June Invoice for your May usage. We are not billing you retroactively for any month before May 2023. That gives us plenty of time to work with you, give you the best solution for your business, as well as provide custom quotes to those who qualify. Also, this allows ample time for you to work with clients and implement the best solution for them.

  2. Are you able to give me a list of our active clients for each month over the past 3 months?

    1. Yes, if you request the data we will pull the previous months data  into a spreadsheet and send them to you with your first statement.

  3. Does shipping for ourselves count as an active client or is this covered under the $199 cost?

    1. It is considered an “Active” client, but since the 3PL Enterprise Plan includes 1 Seller Account attached, it will be covered by the $199/month rate.

  4. In the example of a 3PL having 10 active clients, how is billing calculated?

    1. We will calculate your June bill based on your May active client counts. Your base rate of $199/month includes 1 account. So 9 additional accounts at $10 = $199 + $90 = $289/month. April and May will remain on the old billing structure.

  1. Some clients have multiple prep centers. Is the $10 cost split between all centers or will each prep center end up paying the $10 fee?

    1. You are billed for the clients you ship for. We tie the metrics to your location. 

  2. What is the explanation for this change in pricing for Scanpower for 3PLs?

    1. Our last base subscription price change was in 2016. While we have not changed our prices since then, we have added and continued development of new features, adapting to Amazon’s changes, and maintained support continuously as Amazon has evolved. Scanpower, unlike any others in the market, completed migration to the Selling Partner-API (Amazon’s new API in 2023) without any disruption to your business. We are not saying there weren’t hurdles, but we made the transition and we are looking to develop a large assortment of features in the near future. This includes, but is not limited to, development of a bundle management system, prep matrix, integrations with other softwares, and implementing many of suggestions directly from our users.