If you send the box contents to Amazon, then the number of boxes changes, you will return an error worded something like: 

"The number of boxes in the uploaded file does not match the number of boxes provided in PutTransportContent."

Option 1 - Reset Box Contents and Resend Contents

It may be possible to reset the box content source and resend box contents electronically. To do so: 

  1. Select the applicable shipment.
  2. Click the edit icon to edit the content source of the shipment:
  3. Set Content Source to NONE:
  4. When you save your changes, you will be asked to confirm, select "Set to NONE"
  5. Use the edit icon on the shipment to change content source back to FEED and Save. You will be asked to confirm -- select "Set to FEED."
  6. You may now again Send Contents and finish shipment as normal. If you continue to get the carton count error, you may have to use Option 2: Upload Pack List.

Option Two: Provide Box Contents Via Pack List Upload

If option 1 doesn't work and you continue to get an error, you may have to provide box contents via pack list upload. You must first download the corrected box contents by selecting the shipment and pressing the "Download Pack List" button in the purple toolbar and then upload the corrected box contents to Amazon.

  1. Download your pack list, making sure to select "Reset Box Content Source and Download"
  2. Upload to Seller Central