Send to Amazon ScanPower Update

Hello Paul,

It's a moving target! Amazon's recent announcement that the Send/replenish workflow will be discontinued October 16th and replaced with Send to Amazon has created some unease among sellers and 3rd party software vendors!.

Here's the latest STA update on Seller Central:

Please watch the video ? explaining how things will look on / after October 17th.

ScanPower STA Update

What does this mean if I create shipments in ScanPower?

For shipments created in ScanPower, BoxT and List will continue to function normally.

No changes or special accommodations are required. We process shipments and box contents using the Amazon Marketplace Web Services API (MWS) and the Selling Partner API (SP-API).

 "You can continue to access details and make changes to shipments that you create with APIs from your Shipping Queue after October 17, 2022"

2D barcodes for box contents are still supported.

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions or would like help creating shipments in ScanPower, please contact ScanPower Support for assistance.

Join our weekly Q&A on Zoom for live demos and Q&A.

Our ScanPower Facebook group will host a discussion of the topic over the next month. We welcome any feedback on the ScanPower shipment creation workflow!

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