As a prep center you typically run multiple lines and/or have warehouse team members log in individually. ScanPower allows you to easily add sub-users or line logins with access to all or specific prep center customers.

For this article, the Prep Center accounts will be referred to as the Prep Center sub-user and their customers as Prep Center Customer.

An example:

Acme Prep Center has three lines that various team members use depending on workload and schedule:

Refer to How to Add and Manage Sub-Users

Acme Prep Center has recently onboarded the Smithville Gift Company (Prep Center Customer) as a customer.  Acme wants to give each of their 3 lines access the Smithville account for packing. Assuming Acme already has sub-users for each line setup above, Smithville would add the following 3 sub-users per the naming convention below: 

  1. Smithville (Prep Center Customer) creates each sub-user using the email addresses provided by the Prep Center: 
    1. Log in and navigate to the ACCOUNT page
    2. Scroll to the Sub-Users Section and click "Add sub-user"
    3. Complete the dialog box form using the Prep Center provided email addresses. For name, enter your business name. Create a password that you will use to login to your Customer sub-user account for step 2.

      In our example above, Smithville Gift Company would create a sub-user in his account for "Smithville Gift Company" or "SGC" should be entered for the name on the sub-user account.

      IMPORTANT: for Prep Center Sub-Users to have adequate access, PREP & SHIP must be selected in the permissions. when wetting up the sub-user. 
  2. Smithville grants access for each prep center sub-user created in Step 1.
    1. Log in to the Customer sub-user account you created in Step 1.
    2. Navigate to the ACCOUNT page
    3. Scroll to the Prep Centers Section and click "Grant access"
      1. In the Grant Access model, enter the Prep Center sub-user email address. This ties the Prep Center lines/users to the Customer sub-users so packing and shipping settings and activity may tracked easily.
        e.g for, for, etc.
      2. Click Grant Access

Revoking Access

If necessary, access for any Prep Center Sub-User may be revoked by the Prep Center Customer: 

  1. Prep Center Customer logs in and navigates to the ACCOUNT page
  2. Scroll to the Prep Centers Section and click the X under the Revoke column for the Prep Center sub-user whose access you would like to revoke. In this illustration, the second sub-user in the list would have his/her access revoked.