A Bonus for Q4!

Much like the Revseller Chrome extension, ScanPower Mobile has a variation viewer for showing sizes, styles, ratings and reviews for  in-stock and/or out-of-stock variations. If you source clothing and shoes this is invaluable information and helps you make better buying decisions across the styles.

Total review count has been added to the main screen.

The Variation viewer is accessed by clicking the "Vars" link from the main screen:

At the top of the Variation viewer we show you the Average order price, the count of sizes and colors, and the bestseller rank.

Next we provide filters for showing a specific time period of Verified Purchase reviews as well as In-Stock and Out-of-Stock filters. The count of verified purchases (80) and stocked items (59) is visible in the select bar. To save time and bandwidth, a Maximum of 100 Verified Purchase reviews will be pulled regardless of the Review Period selected. For the total count of all reviews refer to the main screen.

Each variation is shown in a list ordered by the number of reviews. The variation ASIN, review count, size and color are provided as is the rating (stars).  The ratings are the average for the Review Period.

If the variation is out of stock a shopping cart with a red "x" appears next to it.