One of the key features of ScanPower Report is the Sales Report. This article will describe all of the various uses and applications in helping you monitor and improve your business. The Sales Report can be reached in three ways. First, you can simply click on Report at the top of your screen.  Second, you can hover over Report to get the menu showing all Report pages and click on Sales.  And, third, you can navigate directly to

Once you are on the Sales Report screen, the default view is for the current month to date. It will look similar to the screenshot below:

On the left hand side you can click SHOW FILTERS to filter in several ways (e.g. time, item, shipment, source, category, etc). 

The top table is the basic Sales Report:

  • PERIOD = the time period for which the report is reflecting
  • SALES = total product sales for the given time period as gathered via an orders sync with Seller Central
  • COGS = total cost of goods for the items which has sold as gathered from information entered in SP
  • FEES = total of all fees listed on the settlement report (e.g. ORDERS > AMAZON FEES, SELLING FEES > FBA FEES, etc).
  • TAXES = lines from the settlement report where the amount description ends in "Tax"
  • REFUNDS = total product refunds for the given time period as gathered via subsequent settlement reports
  • REIMBURSEMENTS = total product reimbursements for the given time period as gathered via subsequent settlement reports
  • GROSS PROFIT = total sales - fees - taxes - refunds + reimbursements
  • NET PROFIT = gross profit - COGS
  • NET MARGIN % = Net Profit / Sales
  • ROI (Return on Investment) = Net Profit / COGS

It is important to keep in mind that because the Settlement Report (SR) provided by Seller Central operates differently than the Sales Report, they will likely not match up exactly.  For example, a refund or reimbursment on an SR may be associated with a sale from an earlier time period and hence will display in an the earlier time period on the Sales Report in ScanPower.  

Please note :  The sales value ($) in the show in the Sales & Profit are "settled" orders vs orders based on the order purchased-date and hence may be different from the actual sale in Seller Central.

Below the table are various graphs and charts which give a visual picture of your sales based on Category, ShipmentID, Source, etc.

Below the charts and graphs you can view a per item breakdown of the sales from the given time period.