When using the restricted brand/item check feature in ScanPower MOBILE, SCOUT or LIST it is encouraged that you utilize a Seller Central (SC) sub-account for the restricted check.  This way you are not simultaneously contacting Seller Central from two different locations (e.g. you are logged into SC on your laptop and also checking restriction status via SP MOBILE).  Below are the instructions:

  1. Create a second Seller Central account associated with an email different from that of your primary SC account.
  2. Log-in to your primary SC account and navigate to SETTINGS > USER PERMISSIONS 
  3. Enter the email address associated with your secondary SC account and click SEND INVITATION
  4. Check the email for the email address just entered to accept the invitation by clicking the designated link/URL and follow the prompts
  5. Return to the primary SC account User Permissions page and locate the new PENDING sub-account and click CONFIRM 
  6. Next click EDIT USER PERMISSIONS for the new sub-account. Please ensure the MANAGE INVENTORY/ADD A PRODUCT setting is enabled to VIEW & EDIT.

  7. Make sure you turn on Two-Step Verification under Settings -> Login Settings for the new sub-account. Click Edit next to Security Settings:

  8. The set-up is now complete and the SC username and password you need to use for your restriction checking is that of the secondary SC account, the sub-accout.