In Boxt, we will automatically check for FBA Eligibility when you add an item to your batch. We will also check for Restrictions (Gated product, brand, category).

Checking FBA Eligibility in ScanPower Mobile:

Items that are NOT eligible for FBA Inbound shipments are highlighted in Red similar to product and brand restrictions. This is real-time eligibility. An item that was not eligible last week might be eligible this week or visa versa. You now have more control when sourcing and purchasing products to prevent false buys. Items that are un-gated may still be ineligible to send to FBA due to coronavirus restrictions or fulfillment center capacity issues.

Hazmat, Hazardous, or Dangerous Goods

The hazmat status provided in Scout, List, & Mobile comes directly from Amazon. Sometimes the status may return "Unknown". In that case, the item may or may not be hazmat.

If the FBA Eligibility check does not identify the product as Hazmat/Dangerous Goods and you suspect it may be under Hazmat review, Dangerous Goods or Hazmat Status explains how to do that. 

Please let us know if you have questions or concerns!