If you source products online, it can be a challenge to track all the details of your purchases. You need to record the purchase date, supplier, cost, quantity, shopper, and other details for inventory management and COGS. Google Sheets™ is the perfect way to do this. With Google Sheets™ and the ScanPower Workspace add-on, you can maintain an ongoing purchase log (buylist) and upload your buys each day to ScanPower’s Inventory Buylist. 

The products seamlessly transfer with all details for future listing and shipment creation inbound to Amazon FBA. You can selectively import as many rows as you like.

 Each successful import will highlight the ASIN column in green so you know that information was transferred to ScanPower.

The ScanPower Workspace add-on supports the following buylist columns:

ASIN, MSKU,  purchased date, condition, cost, price, quantity, source (supplier)shopper, notes, and expiration (for consumable goods).

You may add any additional sourcing columns such as title, profitability, etc. and they remain private to your sheet.

To install:

  • Download the Excel OA Buylist import template below
  • Open in Google Sheets™ 
  • Enter your ScanPower email and password in A2 and B2 respectively
  • Click on "Extensions -> Add-ons -> Get Add-ons"
  • Search for ScanPower and click Install
  • You will be asked to choose your Gmail account and agree to give ScanPower access to your Sheets. 

When the add-on is installed you can transfer your OA / Wholesale buys into the sheet and begin importing the items into your ScanPower buylist:

Important Points:

1. Change the host to correct link: int.scanpower.com or west.scanpower.com for US, CA users.

2. For UK/Europe user, the the correct host name is : uk.scanpower.com