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listing asking for dimensions

many times when listing, it asks for dimensions of item.  I have filled it out, waited
days, and nothing gets done.  Therefore, having to list my item locally instead of
fba.  does other people have this problem?  How can I fix this?


1 person has this problem

If you put in your dimensions and your weight in pounds you may have to wait a few hours. It used to come back rather quickly as being resolved but recently it is taking a lot longer.

As a workaround you can always go into inventory management in seller central search by the asin and click edit > more details and verify the dimensions are in there including the weight.

Then remove the wait list item and relist it and it should work fine.

You can also put the dimensions in seller central and then re-list the item in LIST and it will work.


This was resolved with a patch and now the items waiting on dimensions show in a "wait list" as pink/red until they are ready to be listed and may be listed by clicking on the greed button.


Looked and looked can't seem to find instructions. One item on my BL says it is MISSING_DIMENSIONS  

I can not find out where to change the dimensions.  Could you point me in the right direction?


Dawn, if you list the item individually, it will prompt you for the weight and you can enter it in the dialog box. Then, go to List to add the item to the shipment once it has been processed by Amazon.

thank you, going to try this!

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