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"Finish Shipment" button NOT in a good place

 Hi, I wonder if anyone else has the same problem - I have accidentally clicked on Finish Shipment button when I mean to double click on the notes. I would seriously recommend placing that button somewhere else where it's not so easy to make a mistake. I have made this mistake many times and end up shipping half full boxes.

My understanding is that once you click on Finish Shipment, that action is final and there is no way to continue with the same shipment.

Please look into this as it is very frustrating and too easy to make this mistake.



A feature request has been put in to have programming both relocate the FINISH SHIPMENT button and also to add a confirmation pop-up window.  Doing both of these things should prevent accidental feed submission associated with the FINISH SHIPMENT button. 


This was resolved by relocating the button.


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