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Show active listings when you scan a barcode to list

Hi, I think it would be helpful if when you scan a barcode to add something to a shipment, that if there are multiple options, it somehow shows you which listing(s) you currently have already active. Whether it is h ghlighted in a different color, or has an asterick next to it or something. Thank you, Jon

I want to make sure I understand what you are asking for.  You want the following, correct?

User scans item X.  A multi-select appears for item X indicating numerous product pages on AMZ attached to the UPC for item X.  If the user already has active listings for some of those items appearing in the multi-select drop-down, you want those to be highlighted.


Yes, exactly. That way we can scan something to list it, and instantly see our current active listings without going to Amazon to get the ASIN.

 A feature request has been submitted.


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