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New Webscout program - Display of Rank Tracking


Is it possible to add an option to FLIP the vertical axis on rank tracking so that low number ranks (good) are on top and high number (bad) are on bottom? That's the format many of us are used to from CamelCamelCamel site.

I have put a FEATURE REQUEST through for this.  I cannot guarantee the change will be made but the development team is aware of the request.  If deployed, the change will be highlighted on the UPDATES section of the ScanPower landing page upon log-in.


Hello - a couple of things. How do I completely delete an item I am tracking ? I can see where to stop tracking the item, but the the item remains. I have just started and I know this field is going to get cluttered real fast.
Along those lines - a table that I could organize the items I am following - perhaps alphabetically ?
 I saw on the webcast last night a category titled "My products" that would be excellent !
Thanks - love the program more each day



I have transferred your post into a support ticket and it will be responded to soon.


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