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Filter Condition Options Based on Category

I'm getting killed on sending inventory into Amazon with unacceptable conditions selected. It would be awesome if Scan Power would only show the applicable condition options when scanning an item in.


Ex. When scanning a baby product, the only acceptable condtion is new. This would save me from shipping a used-like new item to Amazon, only to have to order it back and hope I can return it (if I sourced it from retail).


I've heard this information isn't part of the API from Amazon, but the category is. The product category could be compared to list of acceptable conditions per category, then display the appropriate condition options each time an item is scanned into Scan Power List.


I'm slowly learning them, but this would catch mistakes. Also, apply this to Scan Power Mobile so people don't even source things they can't sell.

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I am sorry for the delayed response.  I have create an issue with the development team to include this as an upcoming feature request.  I cannot guarantee it will be added as a new feature and if it is approved to be a new feature I am not sure at this time when it would be LIVE.  Please check the landing page when logging into ScanPower for updates.


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