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How to list an item in LIST


1. Log-in to ScanPower and click LIST from the toolbar.

2. To List an item you need to create a shipment. Click START SHIPMENT.

3. This will open a new page with a shipment grid. There you can begin to enter items by entering an item's UPC/ISBN in the upper left hand corner text field. Then click enter on your keyboard.

4. The ADD ITEM TO SHIPMENT(S) pop-up will appear. Here you enter the condition of the item you are listing as well as the quantity of the item (AT THAT CONDITION). If you know for how much you want to sell the item you can go ahead and enter the price here or you can leave the price field blank and wait to set your price after seeing the PRICING pop-up, which is next. After completing the ADD ITEM TO SHIPMENT(S) pop-up click OK.

5. Once the item is added to the shipment the specific shipment will be created. Click OK.

6. Scroll down to the shipments list underneath the shipment grid, to find the newly created shipment (in this example, Shipment-2014-02-10(CHA1)).

7. Click on the shipment and the item will appear in the shipment grid of that shipment. Next you need to enter price information.

Double click on the PRICE field and the PRICING pop-up will appear. ***Please note, after adding the first item to the shipment the PRICING pop-up will appear automatically after the ADD ITEM TO SHIPMENT(S) pop-up and you will not need to double click on the PRICE field in the shipment grid.

The PRICING pop-up contains information about the item, whether or not it is sold by Aamazon and if so for how much, how recently the item sold as well as pricing information for other sellers. There is a great deal of information on our site about how to read this page, located here:

To set the price for your item scroll down to the bottom of the window and in the field that says CUSTOM enter the price for which you want to sell the item and then click OK. The item now appears in your shipment.

8. You can print a label for the item by right-clicking the item and selecting PRINT LABELS (on a Mac you right-click by pressing CTRL and clicking your mouse at the same time).

9. Lastly, place the label on the item over the barcode (UPC) and place the item in the box. Continue adding items until your shipment is complete. When you are ready to ship your items click FINISH SHIPMENT and the data-feeds will then be sent to Amazon. The remainder of the shipment process (e.g. packing lists and shipment labels) is completed in Seller Central.

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