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REPRICE Set-up Tips

1.  Log-in at

2.  Click on REPRICE from the toolbar across the top of the page.

3.  Your inventory will show on the next page. ***NOTE: if you just opened your account or just subscribed to REPRICE it can take up to 24-hours for your inventory to sync completely. Please do not worry if your inventory does not appear right away.***

4.  Next you need to set rules by which REPRICE will reprice your inventory. Click SETTINGS and then EDIT RULE GROUP. ***NOTE: you can also check the box next to QUANTITY > 0 to show only your ACTIVE INVENTORY (listings with qty more than 0). REPRICE will automatically show any listing you have, regardless of whether not it is active without this box checked. ***

5.  After clicking EDIT RULE GROUP the rules page will come up. Begin by clicking CREATE NEW RULE GROUP. A new RULE GROUP will appear. You can edit the name of the RULE GROUP by double clicking "New Rule Group" (in white on the blue background). Below this you will see two sides to the page ACTIVE RULES and INACTIVE RULES. All possible rule settings are located under INACTIVE RULES on the right side. To activate a rule you need to click and drag the rule to the ACTIVE RULES column. The first rule to activate is the first, white categories box. This box must have boxes checked and be under ACTIVE RULES for REPRICE to function properly. This rule communicates to REPRICE which items to reprice - without this box activated REPRICE will not work.

6.  Next you need to look through the other rule options and select the rules which apply to how you want REPRICE to reprice your items. Below is an example RULE GROUP and it means the following: ROUND MY PRICES TO THE NEAREST '.95' - this rounds my prices (e.g. $4.89 to $4.95); COMPARE MY FBA ITEMS ONLY TO OTHER FBA OFFERS - this will only reprice against other FBA offers and exclude Merchant Fulfilled offers; ONLY REPRICE MY ITEMS AGAINST SAME OR BETTER CONDITION - just as it says (e.g. USED LIKE NEW items will only be repriced against USED LIKE NEW and NEW offers); BEAT AMAZON BY 1.00 DOLLARS - will reprice $1.00 less than the AMZ price; CATEGORY BOX - this rule will only apply to BOOKS (you can create a completely new RULE GROUP for other items if you choose).

7.  After creating the RULE GROUP you want make sure to scroll down and click SAVE.

8.  Now return to your REPRICE screen and click REPRICE. You can also choose to schedule a REPRICE in advance by clicking SCHEDULE REPRICE.

9.  The next screen will show your items repriced based on the RULE GROUP. Go through your items and select ACCEPT for those which you want to reprice according to the results. For example sake you can see that the first item on this list moved to the 3rd position among the other offers, the price was reduced by $0.05 for a percent change of -0.2% and the new price is $24.95. The STATUS box, when clicked, will show you how the rules applied to that particular item. If something comes up that prevents the item from being repriced it will say ABORT in this box and it will show you at which rule the process stopped for that item. When AUDIT appears in the STATUS box it means there is a note pertaining to the rules set for that item. Items which come up with AUDIT or ABORT are not automatically accepted. All others, which navigated the RULE GROUP successfully and have a magnifying glass in the STATUS box, will have the ACCEPT box checked automatically. Once you have gone through your items and accepted the ones you want click SUBMIT PRICES to submit ALL of the new price, not just the ones on page 1.

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I want to bulk edit my pricing, not really use a repricer.

Example : I have 250 sku's that are over 90 days. I want to lower the price of these items by 5%. How do I do this?

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