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Adding Expiration Dates

You can add expiration dates in ScanPower several different ways:

Editing Expiration Dates

The following methods are ways that you can efficiently edit expiration dates:

Managing Expiration Dates

The Expirations Report (either Report --> Expirations Report or Inventory --> Expirations Report) shows inventory that you've sent into FBA. 

You can filter by an identifier such as ASIN, MSKU, or Title, and a range of days to expire, all unexpired items, or expired. 

Each item's summary row shows the fulfillment quantity and the last time it was synced from Amazon. Below each item's summary row is the quantity shipped, the fulfillment center it was originally shipped it, expiration date, and days until it expires.

When you click the "+" icon on an it's summary row, it will display the Daily Inventory Report for that item. This information is based off the last time we synced the information from Amazon and includes the current fulfillable quantities and fulfillment center.

In the settings, (Settings button in top-right or Settings --> Report), you may request an email of the report with any given days to expire range.