If added items to your buylist from ScanPower Mobile, you can import those items into ScanPower List to add them to shipments or a batch!

  1. Navigate to ScanPower List or ScanPower Batch Listing and select "Import Buylist" from the dropdown next to the "List" button

  2. Next, a dialog window should appear with your Buylist. You can filter by purchase date, shopper, source, or identifier. You may edit different fields for each item such as quantity, MSKU, cost, price, and expiration date.
    If you have made some changes, but you are not ready to import them yet, you can scroll to the bottom and click "Save".
  3. When you are ready to import, scroll to the bottom and click "Import All".

    If you want to only import some of your Buylist, you can select the items, then click "Import Selected".