ScanPower List allows you to create shipments for items you are replenishing by importing a spreadsheet.

First, you need to create a spreadsheet with the following three required columns:

  • ASIN
  • MSKU
  • Condition

We strongly suggest that you include quantity, but it is not required. If quantity is omitted, we default the quantity to 1. The maximum value is 10,000.

Then fill out the appropriate information for the items you would like to import into a shipment.

Afterwards, go to LIST via the horizontal toolbar on the ScanPower landing page and find the LIST button.  Click the down arrow:

In this menu click import spreadsheet. You will then be asked to choose a file to import. Select your file and then verify that the columns have been recognized correctly.

**** Please note, that while for other instances, the uploader can see more columns, for importing spreadsheets, only the three columns mentioned will apply to the created shipments.

After this you will get the normal price dialog or a split shipment confirmation.

You can then add price information and close the shipments or continue to add to them as usual.