Amazon Seller Central sometimes does not allow scanpower to connect with the user's seller central account and shows the Unauthorized or "LWA Pipeline" error. It usually happen when Seller Central wants you to reauthorize scanpower with your Seller Central account. 

To resolve this issue, follow the below steps.                           - for users who are using

  • Logout the mobile application and login again.  
Few Checkpoints:
1. Login to scanpower from a laptop or desktop and not on mobile.  
2. Ensure that you have logged in to the correct marketplace on Amazon while doing this authorization.

3. For the error in 3pl client's account, login to client's scanpower account directly (and not by proxying) and follow the above steps using their Seller Central and ScanPower credentials. 

Once the authorization is done, the error will go away.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are getting this error on mobile app, you will need to logout of the application and login again after doing the above steps.

To RESET the ScanPower password, follow the below steps.

1. Click on the link >>  Forget Password (US Users) or Forget Password (UK Users) & enter the email you have used to create the scanpower account.

2. Check the email and change the password.