Amazon may charge the manual processing fees when the shipment is created with the Content Source as "None".  

When a Shipment is created from another Selling Partner API based tools like Inventory Lab with the Content Status set to None and that shipment is imported into ScanPower, Amazon will not always register the change in Content Status to FEED or 2D BARCODE in ScanPower. This may result in a Manual Processing Fee for the shipment.

To avoid that, make sure you:

1. Create the shipment (in the other SP-API based tool like Inventory Lab) with Content Source as 2D BARCODE or FEED and then import the shipment into ScanPower.

2. Create the shipment in ScanPower with the required content source. You can also change the content source if the shipment is created in ScanPower itself.

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Note: Open a Helpdesk ticket, if you have any questions.