Error Message: Missing Dimensions


The Problem: 

The message "Processing Dimensions" appear when Amazon FBA does not pass the dimensions and weight for this product through API and hence does not share the shipment plan for the item. It will remain on the screen until Amazon allows us to get a shipment plan for the items.

The Solution: 

To resolve the error message, follow these steps:


1. Go to the Batch with "Missing Dimensions" items.


2. Select the checkbox "Show Only Items Missing Dimensions "

3. Update the missing dimensions of all the products in the batch.

4. Once all missing dimensions are entered for all the items, click "Submit Dimensions" or "Submit Dimensions/Create Listings" and wait for 15 mins.

5. If there is any other error, resolve it first. 

6. Once the dimensions are saved and all errors resolved, regenerate the Shipment Plan by clicking "Shift" + Regenerate Shipment. 

7. Proceed with "Create Shipment". 

Please Note: You can also update the missing dimensions from SC if there are any issues.