The Error: Access to requested resource is denied. for an item in the BoxT batch. 


This issue "Access to requested resource is denied." occurs when ScanPower is not able to access the Seller's (user of ScanPower in this case) Amazon Seller Central Account partially or fully .

What should you do? 

The user has to re-authorize ScanPower using the below link  from a laptop or desktop (and not from mobile).

In North America:

In the UK, Europe, and Australia:

1. Login to ScanPower directly (from a laptop or desktop). If you are a prep center using the client seller credentials, do not proxy to the user. 
2. Ensure that you have logged in to the correct marketplace on Amazon while doing this authorization.

Once the authorization is done, please refresh the page and try again. This should resolve the issue. 
If the issue still persist, please open a ticket with us with the below details.

  1. User name & Email
  2. Batch name
  3. Item name
  4. Whether authorization is successfully completed for the correct marketplace.
  5. Screenshot of the authorization completed.