Error Message: 

You may receive this error message when attempting to create a shipment plan. 

No fulfillment centers are currently available to receive the total quantity of dangerous goods units in this shipment, as illustrated here.

The Problem: 

Amazon sets a maximum allowable quantity limit for dangerous goods in fulfillment centers, according to the established regulatory framework for each facility. These limits help to ensure the health and safety of fulfillment center employees and compliance with local regulations.

Dangerous goods are categorized into hazard types, for example, flammable liquids or toxic substances. Each of these hazard types has a defined maximum allowable quantity limit in each fulfillment center.

When you create a shipment, if a dangerous goods SKU exceeds the maximum allowable quantity limit at the selected fulfillment center, you’ll see an error message. 

The Solution: 

To resolve the error message, follow these steps:

  1. Reduce the quantity of the SKU or remove the SKU. If you reduce the quantity, it might be necessary to repeat this step until the quantity is below the fulfillment center’s limit.
  2. Create a new shipment for any dangerous goods that you were unable to include in your shipment in the previous step. Creating a new shipment will identify if those items can be shipped to an alternative fulfillment center that is under its limit.
  3. For any items that you were unable to include in the previous two steps, please create a shipment at a later date. The dangerous goods inventory at each fulfillment center changes regularly, and when inventory falls below the quantity limit, you’ll be able to create a shipment.