The FBA Dangerous Goods program allows you to sell FBA-eligible products that have been classified as dangerous goods.

Dangerous goods (also called hazmat) are regulated substances or materials that may pose a risk during storing, handling, or transporting because they contain flammable, pressurized, corrosive, or otherwise harmful substances. “Dangerous goods” also refers to consumer products such as laptops, smartphones, household cleaners, spray paints, and cosmetics.

If you receive an error related to hazmat status or hazmat review when listing an item and wish to review the status of the ASIN, you can do that in Seller Central.

  1. Login to Seller Central and navigate to FBA Dangerous Goods Program.

  2. Scroll to the "Manage Dangerous Goods Classification section, select "Look up an ASIN" and click Next.

  3. Enter the ASIN and select "Check Status."

Your search will return one of the following statuses: 

  • Not Dangerous Goods 
  • Dangerous Goods
    • It can be fulfilled by Amazon if you are in the FBA Dangerous Goods (Hazmat) Program
    • Future shipments must be directed to a hazmat-enabled fulfillment center.
    • We are shipping current inventory go a fulfillment center that is equipped to handle dangerous goods.
    • Inventory will be in Reserved status while in transit, which can take up to 14 days.

  • Under Dangerous Goods Review
    • Amazon requests more information, such as when the product may contain batteries. We (Amazon) can finish our review after you submit the requested items. Check back for results in 4 business days. Until then, the product is unfulfillable by FBA