Error | ScanPower message: no FBA items found to create shipment plan with

This error may be seen after selecting "Create Shipment Plan" during Batch (Private) Listing. If you have received this error, check the following: 

  1. Is "List FBA" selected?

    If you have not selected List FBA before creating listings, there will be no FBA items to place into shipments, which may explain the error.

  2. Is "Only Send Received Items" selected?

    This is a feature we have added for customers who may not yet have the full quantity of an item when they are listing/shipping it. This happens frequently with our customers who do online arbitrage as they may receive the product in multiple shipments. If this setting has been enabled and you haven't marked any items in the shipment "received" (in the "Received" column), then there will be no FBA items to place into shipments.

    If you mean to take advantage of this feature, then mark the items that have been received, THEN, Create Shipment Plans.

    If you do NOT mean to take advantage of the "Received" feature, you can remove the "received" column altogether in the Quick Settings. Simply deselect the "Received" setting:

    Then be sure to deselect "Only Send Items Received" before creating shipment plans.