Error: You must include a valid ShipmentId with a call to the CreateInboundShipment operation. Get ShipmentId values by calling the CreateInboundShipmentPlan operation. The request to CreateInboundShipment must include only items and quantities that have been previously planned through CreateInboundShipmentPlan

That message usually appears when there was an issue creating the corresponding shipment in Seller Central in your Shipping Queue.  When you list an item in ScanPower we send a feed to Amazon (AMZ) stating you want to list the item.  They then send us a feed assigning the item to a shipment. 

Please do the following to see if the corresponding shipment was successfully created on AMZ's side:

  • log out of ScanPower
  • log into Seller Central
  • verify that the shipment was created - it should appear in your SHIPPING QUEUE
  • verify that the items which appear in the shipment in ScanPower also appear in the shipment when you view the contents from the SHIPPING QUEUE

If shipment was not created and/or the items which appear in ScanPower do not appear in the shipment in Seller Central:

  • restart your browser (please make sure you are using a recommended browser - either Firefox or Chrome)
  • clear your cookies (How do I clear cookies?)
  • log back into ScanPower
  • click LIST
  • locate the shipment icon
  • right-click the icon and select either ARCHIVE or DELETE
  • re-list the items 
(If the shipment is already quite large you can send us the ShipmentID - do not ARCHIVE or DELETE it - and we can transfer the contents for you into a new shipment.)

If the shipment does appear in SC and the contents which appear in ScanPower are also appearing in Seller Central then the error message was erroneously sent by AMZ and you are fine to proceed.