Follow the below steps to import the history Inventory COGS and sales into ScanPower.

Step 1: Create a spreadsheet with the following columns (or use the template attached to this solution) with the History Sales and COGS to be imported into ScanPower. 

Column NameDescriptionRequired
Order IDIs the Amazon Order IDYes
MSKUMSKU of the ItemYes
Quantity Shipped# of units purchased (Should be equal to the units Sold)Yes
SupplierThe supplier or Source of the itemYes
Buy CostCOGS of total units of the itemYes
Date PurchasedThe date you purchased the item to sell (default to 1 day before the item sold)Optional

Step 2: Navigate to Inventory Lab Import page.

Step 3:  Go to "Import FBA Sales" on the IL Import Webpage and import the spreadsheet prepared in Step 1 (above). It may take several hours for the information to populate, depending on the size of the file.

Step 4: After uploading data to ScanPower you will receive notifications when the report is processed.

Once complete, the History Sales and COGS will be updated with the filled information. 

Please Note:

  1. Keep the data sheet "Import Data" in Tab 1 of the spreadsheet.
  2. Sales price, Sales date, # of units sold and other sales fields will be pulled from API call to Amazon using the entered order#.
  3. Moving forward, ScanPower will maintain your costs and calculate COGS for order using FIFO accounting.
  4. Import the spreadsheet only once and wait for the notification. Verify by searching with Order ID in the order details report.
  5. if you do not find the uploaded data, open a support ticket with us.