ScanPower now integrates with Aura

What is Aura?

Aura is an advanced repricing platform, powered by AI. Included are powerful features like Maven (AI), Hyperdrive, Workflows, and mobile support. Aura ensures your prices stay competitive, boosts Buy Box presence, and increases profits—with minimal legwork.

How do Aura and ScanPower work together?

Simply turn ON the ScanPower integration in your Aura Settings. Then, in ScanPower, go to Account and under Integrations toggle Aura ON. 

When you list or restock inventory, your costs and min / max priceswill be transferred automatically to Aura daily.

>> How to add Min and Max prices for inventory in bulk <<

Also refer to the below article from Aura for more details >> How to Enable the ScanPower Integration

Are you a new user ? 

If you are a new user , refer to the Start Here article for the various workflows and processes.