Now, you can view and edit your shipment items in Box view and SKU view.

In the SKU view, you can work on each item seperately and can pack each item into mulitiple boxes such that you can view all the boxes for an item.

In box view, you can view the shipment in form of boxes and pack multiple items in single boxe from the "View Unpacked Items" in the bottom blue bar and see content in each box.


Packing in SKU View

Follow the below steps to create a shipment in SKU view.

  1. Select the item you want to add to the boxes and click the print icon.
  2. Print the labels for the item as required and click "Next".
  3. Enter the unit per box, No of Boxes as per the unpacked quantity and then the dimension of the box and click "Print Box Labels"
    1. You can enter boxes with different dimensions if required, by click "Add Another Box Configuration".
  4. Print Box Labels will print the box labels and will pack the item into boxes.
  5. Repeat the same steps for different items.

Note: You can view the box details for each SKU by click each SKU row. 

Packing in Box View

In Box view, the packing can be done from 3 ways. 

1. Add Box

2. Upload Pack List

3. Packing from Unpacked Item List (View Unpack items)

Refer to the below article to pack items using the Add Box , Packing from Unpacked Item List (View Unpack items).

Refer the below article to see how you can add items to a shipment using the "Upload Pack List"