1. To create a Merchant Fulfilled (MFN) listing in PREP & SHIP, select "Batch (Private) Listing" Under PREP & SHIP in the main menu. 
  2. You will see that "List FBA" is deselected, as illustrated here, as Batch (Private) Listing ONLY supports listing MFN: 
  3. Select "New Batch"
  4. With a new batch created, you may add items on one of these ways: 
    1. Individually by ASIN, UPC, ISBN, or MSKU by entering the data into this field. (Please note: this method only works for replenishment items.)

    2. Importing from the Buylist or a spreadsheet by selecting the drop down and choosing "Import Buylist" or "Import Spreadsheet," as applicable.
  5. Once items have been added to the batch, select "Create Listings" to create your Merchant-Fulfilled listings: