1. Navigate to the main screen and click on "Print Box Labels" at the bottom
  2. Select the style of label you want using the radio buttons at the top. You may select 2D Barcode labels, FBA Box labels, Both (2D and FBA separate) or a Unified 2D / FBA Barcode label. (See below for examples of each.)
    Also select the box number(s) for which you wish to print labels or use the "Select All" button in the bottom menu.
    1. 2D Barcode Label example

    2. FBA Label example

    3. Both: Selecting "Both prints the 2D Barcode and the FBA Box labels separately. 
    4. Unified: This label includes both the FBA Box label and the 2D Barcode labels in one unified label.


When printing via a Laser Printer on 8.5x11 paper, if your label prints the entire size of the sheet, please check your printer settings.  Try changing your page size to 4x6, while still printing on the 8.5x11 inch paper.  See below.