Packing / Boxing Items Sorted by Shipment

Scanning/Entering Items into a Box by SKU

  1. Click the shipment in the Shipments pane to select it. You will know the shipment is selected because a box will appear around it and the Shipment ID will appear in the search field at the bottom.
  2. Click "Add Box" in the right pane to add a box to the shipment.
  3. PREP & SHIP will create a new box and you will be taken to the box screen. To begin adding items to the box, enter an FNSKU, ASIN, UPC, OR MSKU in the search box at the bottom of the screen (circled in green in image below). If you have a barcode scanner, then you can scan the FNSKU or UPC label. You may notice that "Box 1" is now part of the search crumb trail at the bottom.
  4. After entering the FNSKU, ASIN, UPC, or MSKU, the item (if it is, in fact, in the selected shipment) will appear on the screen and you will have the following options:
    1. Edit the item, including the quantity to be packed or the expiration date.
    2. Print an item label.
    3. Move the item from one box to another.
  5. Continue to enter items into the box. After you pack the first item into Box 1, you will be able to create a new box from either the Box View or Main Screen. (You cannot create a "Box 2" until there is at least one item in Box 1.)

Packing From the Unpacked Items List

Another way to pack a shipment that is sorted is from the Unpacked Items list view. 

  1. With shipment selected as described above in step 1, click "View Unpacked Items" in the bottom menu, either in the Box View or the Main Screen. This will bring up a list of items you have not yet packed.

  2. From the Unpacked Items List, you may:
    1. Select the Pack Item icon to bring up the dialog where you can enter the expiration date, quantity, and the box in which you want to pack the item (1, red, below)
    2. Select the Printer Icon to print an item label ( (2, blue, below)
    3. To Delete all quantity of an item, select the Trash Can Icon to delete the item from the shipment (3, green, below) -- CAUTION: THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE.

Packing / Boxing Items Unsorted by Shipment

  1. If your inventory is not sorted by shipment, navigate to the main PREP & SHIP Screen and make sure the global search filters (breadcrumb trail) is cleared.
  2. Enter an FNSKU, ASIN, UPC, or MSKU in the global search field at the bottom of the screen. If you have a barcode scanner, you can scan the FNSKU or UPC label.
  3. The search results will display any boxes/shipments in which the item is already packed, any unpacked quantity of the item and the respective shipments in which it belongs, as well as any batches and/or POs in which the item is found.
  4. By selecting the appropriate "pack" icon, you may pack the item into any available shipment by selecting the a previously created box in the shipment or create a new box for the item.