To download a pack list for a shipment, first navigate to BoxT and select your the shipment. Select the "Download Pack List" button in the toolbar, taking care to understand the different download options, explained below. 

  1. Download a pack list from ScanPower:
  2. You will have the option of resetting the box content source in Seller Central or just downloading the file without resetting it. There are two situations and it is critical that you choose the correct download option for your needs.
    1. If you just want a pack list for your own use or records, then select JUST DOWNLOAD

    2. If you are using the pack list to send box contents to Seller Central, then you will be uploading the file in Seller Central. In this case, you will want to select Reset the Box Content Source and Download. That will reset the Box Content to NONE in Seller Central.

If you chose to Reset Box Content Source, then you can learn how to Upload Pack List to Amazon in Seller Central.

Uploading Generated Pack List from Boxt into Seller Central