New BoxT allows for the creation of listings in 2 cases: 

  1. Buylist Import where the buylist has the MSKU (Manage and import OA and Wholesale buys with ScanPower Google Sheets™ Add-on)
  2. Spreadsheet Import

New BoxT doesn't create new MSKUs yet. To create listings in New BoxT, you may import a spreadsheet that includes the product information (including MSKU).  

Import a Spreadsheet with the MSKU

See Spreadsheet Import Template for instructions and a template for creating listings via spreadsheet import. 

From the Import dropdown in BoxT, select "Spreadsheet" and select your spreadsheet from your device. 

This edit screen will open where you may edit any fields and select the items you wish to import.  In the bottom menu, you will see the options to: Select All, Deselect All, Import Selected, or Import All. Once you have finished making any edits and finalizing your selection, make your choice. 

The items will now appear in the batch and you may edit them, receive them (for warehouse mode), add more items to the batch, or click "Create Listings."