Case-packed shipments must be created using a spreadsheet upload (.csv or .xlxs) with the following columns: 

  • ASIN
  • MSKU
  • condition (defaults to NEW if not included)
  • "quantity-in-case"
  • "number-of-cases"
  • "total-quantity"

Optional columns include: 

  • "purchased-date"
  • expires
  • source
  • price
  • cost

Follow the instructions for creating a batch from spreadsheet upload, here: 

  1. With the desired batch selected, select "Import" and "Spreadsheet"
  2. Locate and select the file from your device. The file can be in .csv or .xlsx format and needs to include the MSKU, ASIN, condition (assumed NEW if not provided) and quantity (defaults to 1). Those are the only required fields, but you may also choose to include additional information such as cost source purchase date case-pack information.
  3. All of the items in the spreadsheet will appear on an import screen and you may edit the fields as needed, then choose to "Import All" or make a selection and "Import Selected" in the bottom menu.
  4. The items will be added to the batch and from there, you may continue as needed with receiving (warehouse mode), editing individual items, or crating a Case-Packed Shipment Plan (bottom menu).