New BoxT offers a Warehouse mode, ideal for prep centers and warehouses who would like to track inventory received against the ordered quantity from a purchase order (PO) or batch. In addition to tracking received inventory, Warehouse mode includes fields for tracking overages, underages and damaged inventory. 

To enable the warehouse UI, open the "Quick Settings" when a Purchase Order or Batch is selected and check "Enable  warehouse user interface".

When enabled, the item edit interface will add columns for Ordered Qty, Received Qty, Shipment Qty, Overage, and Damaged. 

  • Enter the quantity received or to receive All ordered quantity, click the blue error to the right of the Qty columns. The total ordered quantity will be filled in to the Received Qty input. 
  • Enter additional quantity received (above and beyond the ordered amount) by click the up or down arrows next to the + input. If more quantity is received than ordered the additional amount will appear in the Overage value.
  • Enter any Damaged inventory.
  • When you Save the record and create a shipping plan only the Received Qty will go into shipments (Shipment Qty).

Receiving Mode

The Warehouse User Interface also adds a "Receiving" mode option. To activate Receiving mode, toggle the switch under the Location/ship-from address, as shown here: 

When receiving mode is ON, the warehouser worker need only scan the UPC or FNSKU of the items to search for the item in the PO or Batch and edit the received quantity, thus saving time and clicks!