What is "Send to Amazon?"

In 2021, Amazon introduced a new workflow called, "Send to Amazon." This article is not an editorial on the efficacy of the program, but only to explain how it relates to ScanPower software and how it affects our customers. 

For more information about the workflow itself, see Seller Central's article about the program.

How do I use ScanPower and BoxT with "Send to Amazon?"

As of spring of 2022, our BoxT software does not yet integrate with the Send to Amazon workflow. Amazon has not yet provided developers with the necessary API for us to make that work. For that reason, the Send to Amazon workflow is not a viable option for ScanPower and BoxT users. 

NOTE: Once you have started a shipment in the "Send to Amazon" workflow, you cannot finish it BoxT. Shipments started in "Send to Amazon" must be completed in Seller Central. You may, however, revert to the old workflow for future shipments. 

How to Revert to the Old Workflow

Using the new "Send to Amazon" workflow is optional -- not required in order to create shipments or replenish FBA inventory. In order to use BoxT for future shipments, then you will need to revert to the old workflow until such time as Amazon provides the necessary API for our developers to integrate BoxT with "Send to Amazon." 

To go back to the previous workflow and continue using ScanPower BoxT to pack and prep your shipments.

  1. Login to your Amazon Seller Central account
  2. Navigate to Manage FBA Inventory
  3. Choose any product and click "Send/Replenish Inventory" for an action
  4. That will bring up this view where you will select "go back to previous workflow." You may be asked to confirm this decision more than once and may be asked to provided a reason (optional).  Just follow the "go back to previous workflow" prompts until reverted.