What is "Send to Amazon?"

In 2021, Amazon introduced a new workflow called, "Send to Amazon."(STA). This article is not an editorial on the efficacy of the program, but only to explain how it relates to ScanPower software and how it affects our customers. 

For more information about the workflow itself, see Seller Central's article about the program.

As of April 5th, 2023 you can no longer revert to the Old Send/replenish workflow, you may only click on "Keep as API shipment" as the old workflow has been retired:


How do I use ScanPower and PREP & SHIP with "Send to Amazon?"

As of spring of 2023, Amazon has not released API updates to support STA. STA is a separate system from the Selling Partner API (SP-API). Once a shipment is opened (Work on Shipment) in STA, we are unable to make any changes in PREP & SHIP.

NOTE: Once you have started a shipment in the "Send to Amazon" workflow, you cannot finish it PREP & SHIP. Shipments started in "Send to Amazon" must be completed in Seller Central. Shipment started in PREP & SHIPmay only be completed in STA with the exceptions described in 2. and 3. below:
  1. *RECOMMENDED: Complete the entire shipment in ScanPower PREP & SHIP, including purchasing partnered shipping and/or sending PO and tracking numbers for non-partnered shipping.
    • This continues to be the best reason to use ScanPower. Purchasing partnered shipping, printing labels, and closing out the shipment in PREP & SHIP is the same process (including estimates) you receive in Seller Central.
    • Any alterations to the shipment can be made in ScanPower just same as in in the Old workflow. 
  2. Use 2D barcodes and indicate that when you finalize the shipment in STA. The downside of not sending the contents directly to Amazon in a Feed is 
    • You won't get notified when items require expiration dates and you did not provide them
    • Your team, 3PL, or prep center must have Seller Central access.
  3. Prep and pack items in ScanPower and then download the Pack List from PREP & SHIP to upload into STA.
    • This is the least desirable option because you must use Amazon upload template and copy spreadsheet rows between our sheet and the Amazon generated sheet.
    • This option also has the same downsides as 2.