The new Boxt is an updated version that combines Batch listing and Boxt. The interface is very similar to Boxt with a few changes. Some buttons have moved but if you are familiar with the old Boxt it will be relatively easy to convert. Below we discuss the differences in the user interface and talk about new features that make Boxt more efficient to prep, label and pack inbound shipments.


  • Login to
  • Quick settings. Apply to listing in batches and Boxt.
  • Enable warehouse UI turns on the extra features used by prep centers and 3PLs. It also adds additional inputs for received and shipment quantity and the calculations for multipack items.
  • Printer settings carryover but they can be verified in Settings->Boxt

The New User Interface

  • Everything in one place.
  • Customize the screen layout for the workflow. e.g. hide shipment while working on batches and visa versa.
  • PO settings apply to all batches: FBA, Multipack or Item-prep.
  • Filter batches by items not received, items with errors, and exclude items already in shipments.
  • Search across POs, Batches, Shipments, and Boxes to locate inventory. Search bar is at the bottom and will accept new searches without clearing. Click the x in the lower right-hand corner to clear the search text.
  • Add an item to batch by ASIN, MSKU, UPC, or keyword/title.
  • Add tags for POs, batches, batch items, inventory, and shipments.

Inventory Sync

  • Newly added inventory is automatically synced when added to a batch. 
  • If the inventory exists in Seller Central it will be visible in Boxt.

Ship From Location

  • Boxt uses the Google Places API to automatically merge ship from locations when the address differs but is the same physical address.


  • Enable receiving mode to more easily mark received quantities and save all information.
  • The main difference when receiving is you enter the quantity received. 
  • Overages and shipment quantity is automatically calculated. 
  • You can default the received quantity to the ordered quantity by clicking the button next to the Received Qty input.Click Save and continue by scanning the next item.


  • Old batches will not appear in the new Boxt. You may import an old batch.