MSKU is an acronym for Merchant Stock Keeping Unit and is assigned to products by sellers to help keep track of their inventory. This can be helpful for tracking shopper productivity, processing returns, and tracking overall inventory performance. 

The MSKU is made up of a unique string of numbers and/or letters created by the seller. While the same MSKU cannot be re-used for a different product, it should be re-used when listing multiple copies (or quantities) of the same product in the same condition. If a new, unique number is used, a new product will be created and will not be associated with the original product at all. 

ScanPower offers settings to help prevent the creation of new MSKUs for existing listings, such as when replenishing stock.

Navigate to SETTINGS >LIST and scroll down to the Advanced section.

  • Replenish
    When enabled, item will automatically use the existing MSKU, if one exists.

  • Auto Replenish on Scan (only list items already in your inventory)
    When enabled, item will only be listed if the product exists in inventory, and it will use the same MSKU. If a listing does not exist, then user must manually override in order proceed with a listing.
  • Replenish archived inventory
    When checked, ScanPower will search seller's archived inventory and if item is found in archived inventory, will use the MSKU and will reactivate the listing. If you have purposely archived MSKUs that you do not want re-used, this setting should not be enabled.

  • Do not Replenish MFN Inventory
    When enabled, a new MSKU will be created for every MFN listing.

  • Do not Replenish by UPC
    If you list by UPC, enabling this setting will create a new MSKU for every listing.

  • Auto-select last MSKU when multiple items are returned
    If more than one MSKU exists for a specific item, enabling this setting will cause the most recent MSKU used. If this setting is NOT enabled, then the user will be asked to select the desired MSKU via a dialogue box. If you are sure that you want to use the most recent MSKU all the time, then enabling this setting will assist a more efficient workflow, avoiding the unnecessary dialog box and eliminating the additional "touch" by the user.

  • Replenish inventory by FNSKU
    The Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit (FNSKU) is an Amazon-unique term to describe the barcodes that help the eCommerce guru identify and track products and connect them to you, the seller. This product-identifying code is similar to a UPC and it's used to help Amazon label your product in their fulfillment centers. Enable this setting to list and replenish inventory by FNSKU.