ScanPower Mobile is included with all ScanPower paid subscriptions. Information provided includes the product title, image, rank, offers, 5 lowest New, Used, and FBA offers.

NOTE: Most of these features also apply to



To access the Settings page, select the 4 dots in the lower corner of the screen, then Settings. That will toggle an a menu of Settings, History, and Buylist. Selecting Settings will open the Settings Menu -- an explanation of each setting (as well as suggestions for enabling/disabling) follows.

  • Seller Central Login Credentials
    If you are not already logged in to Seller Central, you will see a login screen. Enter your Amazon Seller Central username and password. 
  • Check Restricted
    When enabled, ScanPower will check for seller-specific restrictions on selling. This setting requires user to be logged in to his/her Seller Central account as well as the ScanPower Account. 
  • Only Show Restricted if New
    When enabled, products will only be shown as RESTRICTED if seller is restricted from selling in NEW condition. If restrictions only apply to used, refurbished, et, then the product will NOT be shown as restricted. If you only sell products in NEW condition, it is recommended you enable this setting to streamline your workflow. 
  • Prompt for in-stock variations
    When enabled, user will have to click on "Vars" in order to view variations. This setting saves against your quota and may help with throttling.
  • Hide Package Quantity
    Package Quantity is useful for groceries and bundles. 
  • Left-hand Camera scanner
    Changes the location of the camera icon from one corner of the screen to the other to better accommodate left-handed users. 
  • Sticky Cost
    When enabled, the user doesn't have to enter a cost for every item scanned. The cost stays the same for every item scanned/searched until changed by the user or until the app is restarted. Useful when scanning many items with the same cost. 
  • Sticky Price
    When enabled, the user doesn't have to enter a price for every item scanned. The price stays the same for every item scanned/searched  until changed by the user or until the app is restarted. 
  • Use Accept/Reject Rules (How to use "Accept/Reject Rules" Setting
    Enable to use the rules on whether or not to purchase a product. Click the box next to the setting to open and edit the rules. Within the setting is also something very important -- the setting to use the IP Claims Master List. 
    • IP Claims Master List -- enable this setting to use the IP Claims Master List curated by ScanPower of items known to return an IP Claim.
  • Hide Used/Collectible Offers
  • Fulfillment Channel (MFN or FBA)
  • Warn if Missing Before Buying -- App will alert user if selected variables are missing when user buys item.
  • Cost
  • Source
  • Tax
  • Tax Code

Inbound Shipping Cost (per lb) -- amount to be applied to net payout and buylist

Labor Cost (per item) -- amount to be applied to net payout and buylist

Discount -- amount to be applied to net payout and buylist 

The Search Screen

To search/scout merchandise, enter a UPC, ASIN, or Keyword into the search bar at the top of the main screen. The information can be entered by:

The Bottom Menu

This bottom menu is present from the Search Screen and the Buy Screen. 

  • Additional Menu Items  -- (the 4 dots) Opens the settings, Settings, Buylist, and Settings.
  • Search -- tapping the search icon immediately places the cursor in the search bar. 
  • Camera -- tap to use camera as a scanner. 

The Decision/Buy Screen

Decision Screen Features

  1. Title of Product
  2. Photo of Product (tap to see Amazon product page)
  3. Product Information
    1. ASIN
    2. Department / Category
    3. Brand
    4. Dimensions
    5. Weight
    6. Offers
    7. Sales Rank (tap+ sign to see sub-ranks)
    8. Review Count
    9. Size Tier (dimensional size for FBA)
    10. Package Quantity
    11. Restricted Status -- YES or NO (based on brand, condition, or item) (How to automatically check if you are restricted for a brand or product in Mobile, Scout and List)
  4. On-Hand Quantity (tap to see breakdown of In-Stock, Inbound, Purchased, Transfer, and In Working Batch or Shipment)
  5. Net Payout (profit after fees and cost)
  6. ROI (Return on Investment)
  7. Buy Button (tap to enter the Buy/Purchase screen) {see Buy Dialog section below}
  8. Price/Cost 
    • Price defaults to Buy Box or Amazon or Lowest FBA price. Tap any offer to set.
    • Cost - tap to enter a cost for the purpose of determining Net Payout and ROI
  9. Offers
    • New, Used, Collectible Condition Offers
    • Offers by Condition -- Amazon doesn't always return all offers. Tap to show offers. 
  10. Sales History
    • Price, rank, and seller offers over time (Tap graph to see more statistics.
      • ORANGE: Amazon Offer
      • GREEN: Rank
      • BLUE: Marketplace New Offer
      • BLACK: Marketplace Used Offer
  11. Show Settings, History, and Buylist buttons
  12. Search (works just as the top search bar)
  13. Scan button (use device camera to scan items)

Variations Viewer

Variations (also known as parent-child relationships) are sets of products that are related to one another in terms of Size, Color, Flavor, etc. Good variation relationship listings allow buyers to compare and choose products based on different attributes such as size, color, or other characteristics from the available options on a single product detail page. For example, a customer searching for a short sleeved T-shirt might click on a product detail page for a T-shirt that comes in three sizes (Small, Medium, and Large), and three colors (Blue, Red, Black). Rather than having to browse separate pages for each color and size, the customer can select the preferred size, and choose the color from the three available color variations on the same page.

To view Variations in the app, tap "vars" as illustrated. 

The Buy Dialog

When the "Buy" button is selected (7. above), the Buy Dialog opens. On this screen, you may enter: 

  1. quantity buying
  2. cost of item
  3. condition
  4. source
  5. expiration date
  6. tax amount
  7. up to 2 discounts, which remain until change of source
  8. tax code
  9. notes, such as those for preppers, virtual assistants, or listers
  10. select back arrow returns to the main screen
  11. select check mark to save