ScanPower recently updated the Order Detail report to include a feature that allows our users to easily process unfulfillable returned merchandise. 

NOTE: this feature is available for the Basic, Pro, and Enterprise plans.

When logged in, navigate to Report -> Order Detail Report.

The Order Detail report provides details about individual orders making it easy to investigate COGS, returns, etc by Order-Id, sold date, MSKU or return status.  By default, we pull the last 60 days of orders - 25 per page.

You can filter by Order Purchased Date (sold date), MSKU, Order Id, and Returns Status. 

Select one or several and the results will be filter appropriately.  

By default, all returns are set to "Returned to FC Inventory" meaning that the cost and purchase (buylist) details will be saved with the order and the inbound FBA shipment for the item. If Amazon determines the return is fulfillable, it will go back into your FBA inventory and we will track the COGS the next time it sells.

If you wish to change the Default return status for returns, select the "Default return status:" drop-down in the upper right:To verify your Unfulfillable Inventory settings in Seller Central, select Settings -> Fulfillment by Amazon Settings -> Automated unfulfillable settings

If you have unfulfillable inventory sent back to your warehouse, you can process this inventory in a timely manner by selecting "Returned to Seller". This indicates that we should detach the COGS and purchase info (buylist) from the order and allows you to re-list the item and send back to FBA. We allow you to do this before the order has settled so you don't have to wait 2 or more weeks to process these returns.

To change the return status on an order, select the Return Status drop-down pictured below and click save. Currently, you may only save one record at a time. We have a feature request in place to allow bulk updates.

The options and explanations are:

  • Return to FC (fulfillment center)
    Select this if the item was returned to the fulfillment center and deemed suitable to resell. All original buylist information is retained (shopper, source, cost, etc.) and connected to the new order once sold again.

  • Return to Seller
    Select this if the item was returned to you by the fulfillment center. Sometimes, after closer inspection, the item is found to be acceptable for sale. With this option, the original buylist item is returned to buylist so you can relist it and place it in a new shipment.

  • Disposed Of
    Select this if the item was deemed NOT suitable for resell, either by Amazon or by you, the seller. With this option, the original buylist item will stay with the order.