Item labels printed on the Dymo 450 or 450 Turbo have barcodes that are blurry, not crisp, or otherwise not able to be scanned by a digital scanner. 

(NOTE: Normally, the default settings on a Dymo 450 or 450 Turbo printer will suffice for printing your item labels, but if it is determined that the barcodes are not scannable, then this article explains how to adjust for better printing and scannable barcodes.)


  1. Open the Printer Settings on your computer or device. 
    1. PC (Windows 10)
      1. Click the Start button
      2. Select Settings
      3. In the Settings menu click on Bluetooth and Devices
      4. Click on Printers & Scanners
    2. MAC
      1. Apple Menu
      2. System Preferences
      3. Printers & Scanners
  2. Click on the appropriate printer, then select manage
  3. Select printing preferences
  4. Select Paper/Quality tab
  5. Select Advance
  6. Confirm label size and change (if required)
  7. Under Graphic, select Print Quality and change it to 300 x 600 dots per inch
  8. Under Print Features, change from "Text only" to "Barcodes and Graphics" (if necessary)
  9. Under Print Features, change Print Density to Medium or Light (if necessary)
  10. Apply and Save the Settings