Common Questions/Issues Experienced by Mobile iOS Users

  • My keyboard is covering the screen and I can't close it.
  • I can't get my keyboard to open after I scan and need to enter product information. 
  • How do I toggle the keyboard on and off when using the mobile ScanPower app? 
  • How do I use a Bluetooth scanner with the mobile ScanPower app? 

Situation 1: With Using Bluetooth Scanner | Continuous Scanning ENABLED

  • On iOS, if you are using a Bluetooth scanner, you should enable continuous scan in the settings. 
  • Additionally, most scanners have 2 buttons that you click to show/hide the keyboard. For some with only 1 button, you double-click the big button.


Situation 2: Without Using Bluetooth Scanner | Continuous Scanning DISABLED

  • If you are NOT using a Bluetooth scanner, go into SETTINGS and disable Continuous Scan or it will continuously focus on the input at the top and show the keyboard.